Posted on 6 January 2015

An essential step to sustainable profitability

The refining landscape is today characterized by varying feeds processed, stretched operation boundaries and tighter product specifications. Both ageing refineries and brand-new facilities face these daily challenges. In any case, a periodical appraisal of both assets condition & monitoring systems is the key element to benefit from market opportunities and maximize profitability.



  • – Assets condition assessment
  • – Monitoring Methods & Chemical treatment evaluation
  • – Recommendations & Prioritized Action plan
  • … decision-aid for operational excellence


Most valuable for:

  • – Operators committed to the performance of sites
  • – Executives involved in the future development of production plants
  • – Shareholders concerned by sustainable profitability
  • – Investors interested in acquiring industrial assets
  • … in-depth assessment for outstanding control


Key solution to universal needs:

  • – Clear vision to allow maximizing performance and  profitability of production plants
  • – Value adding diagnosis to secure investments
  • secure production & maximize profitability



Decisive to deal serenely with evolution & upsets of operating conditions

Strategic to contribute in decision-making & quality assurance process

Reliable to guarantee safety & sustainability

Exclusive to picture Assets ‘health’ & performance