Dealing with evolution & upsets of operation

Why so essential?

The Management Of Change (MOC) is an unavoidable process of ensuring that changes to a process do not introduce new hazards or increase the risk of existing hazards. This involves review and authorization processes to assess proposed adjustments to the design, operations, organization or activities of the facility prior to implementation to ensure that no new uncontrolled risk is introduced.

Which solution?


With regards to Asset Management, WINTECH Global provides technical assistance during Management Of Change review process. Our team of experts and consultants insures accurate diagnosis and technical evaluations of the process plant with regards to operation upsets and evolution.


 For what?

To support the Executives’ strategy and Corporate directives


 In which case?

To push the limits and increase economic returns

  • –  Increased capacities
  • –  New and/or tougher feeds
  • –  Enlarged operating windows, etc.


 To shift the limits or change the Unit destination

  • –  Increase the severity of Hydro-treating by the use of purified hydrogen and higher temperatures (construction of HPU/PSA units)
  • –  Transform Hydro-treating Units into (mild) Hydrocracking Units to benefit from high conversion yields and produce higher-value products
  • –  Adapt the Steam cracker capability with regards to heavier feeds
  • – Convert static systems to circulating and/or continuously regenerating ones
  • – Reconfigure a petroleum refinery into biofuel production plant
  • – Etc.