Posted on 07 July 2017

Crystal-Guard™, a global innovation to protect Distillation Units

An eco-friendly solution to secure the processing of corrosive crude oil and protect Distillation Units

For over 20 years, the refining industry has undergone profound changes. The market share of corrosive crude oil is constantly increasing and now accounts for almost 70% of the world production.

In this tense and rapidly changing environment, CRYSTAL-Guard™ offers a real perspective to refineries and the opportunity to improve their margins by accepting all types of crude oils without fearing deterioration of High Temperature equipment.

CRYSTAL-Guard™, a solution with no harmful effect on the environment, depends on the focused injection of high-temperature steam into the Distillation Unit, being the gateway to the refinery. This steam, when correctly dosed, forms a thin and crystalline protective layer (oxide based) on the equipment.

CRYSTAL-Guard™, international patent released on April 2017, is the result of a research program carried out over 5 years by the Lyon-based company LA HARPE D’OR and developed with its subsidiary WINTECH Global®.

«Our strategic commitment is to accompany the transformation of oil refining industry by proposing technological innovations to operators to ensure the sustainable performance of their facilities. In this, CRYSTAL-Guard™ is a true revolution of practical application» considers Alain Partouche, General Manager of LA HARPE D’OR.