Clear picture to better anticipate the future

The process industry landscape is today characterized by varying feeds processed, stretched operation boundaries and tighter product specifications. Both ageing and brand-new facilities face these daily challenges.

A situational audit of both assets condition & monitoring systems is a key element to benefit from market dynamics and maximize profitability.

Our answer

Audit  &  Diagnosis

WINTECH Global is conversant with the process industry equitable  qualification and prospective action plans definition. This consists of achieving technical evaluations of industrial installations, in order to provide you with an objective appraisal of the “health and performance” of your Assets.

In-depth assessment for outstanding control:

  • –  Qualifying the actual condition of equipment and piping
  • –  Assessing the plant capability to process new/tougher feeds
  • –  Mitigating the risk and uncertainties
  • –  Optimizing the strategy for monitoring (corrosion probes, stream analyses, etc.) and control (chemical treatment, material upgrading, etc.)


Our deliverable

Decision-aid tool for strategic plans

  • –  Accurate condition mapping with regards to Assets condition and Integrity management
  • –  Definition of prioritized action plans to accompany strategic choices for safe and steady production
  • –  Overall vision, clear and understandable information for a variety of actors  (Operators, Executives, Shareholders & partners, Insurers,  National Agencies, Local Authorities, etc.)


Our commitment

Best reliability and competitiveness

WINTECH Global is able to analyze issues that arise in appraisals such as plant review evaluation of comparable assets  and qualification of second-hand or re-used equipment. The result is a comprehensive and objective valuation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • – Assets objective evaluation (sites benchmarking or acquisition & divestiture operations)
  • – Propose new operational options
  • – Assure the assets sustainable performance
  • – Maximize plant profitability