Guaranteeing serene operation of your assets

WINTECH Global provides expert advice to assist the production plants in their continuous improvement process. Our expert team delivers value-adding solutions to improve the performance and reliability of equipment and machinery.

We provide expert assistance & advice delivering best strategies to minimize operating costs and to maximize assets efficiency and product yields.


Our commitment

Assist operators to care about their valuable assets all along their life

By what means?

Technical Expertise

Our solutions support continuous improvement of asset management from project specification consolidation to Operational Excellence and equipment life cycle extension.


Practical achievement

Insure the compliance with best industrial practices

While being involved as expert advisor, WINTECH Global assists its clients within their technical choices and strategy implementation by the following means:

  • –  Material Specification & Material Selection Diagrams
  • –  Corrosion Control Documents (CCD)
  • –  Guidance for proactive monitoring and suitable technologies
  • –  Expert interpretation of inspection results
  • –  Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) review & software alignment
  • –  Trouble shooting and root cause analysis
  • –  Performance evaluation and optimized use of inhibitors & additives
  • –  Fitness-For-Service (FFS)
  • –  Review or anticipation of maintenance and investment needs


Third-Party expertise

Independent and expert investigation on industry’s incidents

WINTECH Global provides expert witness services and report writing for industrial assets damages ranging from mechanical problems to materials failures & corrosion matters.

  • –  Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • –  Integrity management procedure evaluation
  • –  Collateral damage assessment
  • –  Court case consultation and support