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In today’s highly competitive industrial markets such as Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, it has become a strategic goal to get the best performance from the processing assets while avoiding unplanned & detrimental shutdowns.


Health & Safety provisions are universally pushing for ever enhanced risk management, improving the protection of both persons and environment from major industrial hazards. Companies in charge must therefore sustain equipment safety and reliability using specific methods and procedures to contain risk within satisfactory limits.

Our solution

Training & Coaching

WINTECH Global leverages its expertise and background by providing its customers with pioneering Training & Coaching solutions geared towards managing the daily challenges of the Industry.


Added values

Our acquired and constantly renewed knowledge of operating sites through our actions around the world, enables us to respond pragmatically to the expectations of professionals taking into account their problems and responsibilities.

Our skills, experience, & innovative training methodology will lead to increased knowledge in the areas of Metallurgy, Corrosion & Assets Integrity Management. This better understanding of all the parameters involved in Assets Reliability & Integrity will bring Safety, Serenity and Confidence.



Evaluate equipment design & specifications.

Understand corrosion & other major degradation mechanisms.

Manage integrity and anticipate operational upsets as well as start-up and shut down conditions.


Main Features

Exchange with field experts

Come with questions, leave with answers

Benefit from relevant experience and case review

Learn with an innovative and didactical approach

Acquire applicable knowledge for your everyday working life