Posted on 28 April 2020

CRYSTAL-Guard®, an eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor
part of  Smart-Distillation® promoting flexibility and operational efficiency

CRYSTAL-Guard® is a pioneering solution to protect refining distillation units (CDU & VDU) against corrosion by High-TAN crudes. This solution, part of the Smart-Distillation® design, meets the expectations of refiners seeking to increase their margins by adapting to changes in crude oils and maximizing profits.

Given the scope of application and the expressions of interest received from Refiners worldwide, La Harpe d’Or has decided to partner with an industrial corporation who will commercialize the Smart-Distillation® solutions (including CRYSTAL-Guard®) on a large scale.

Exchanges in this regards are currently taking place with companies based in the USA and CHINA for whom the experience and global footprint in oil refining technologies are essential assets for such a global deployment.

Among the patents portfolio, the CRYSTAL-Guard® solution heralds broad perspectives for profit-oriented refiner strategies; it is protected by International PCT No. WO/2017/055691 entered in National phases in Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Mexico, and USA.



CRYSTAL-Guard® at a glance…

Why ?

The refining sector is facing market fluctuations and major changes in the quality of the crude oil to be processed. It must adapt to the increasing share of so-called “opportunity” crudes. These crudes, being particularly acidic and corrosive at high temperatures, could certainly damage existing production units.  In this context, certain operators have no other choice than to refuse them.

CRYSTAL-Guard® is an innovative solution to protect the existing equipment with neither material upgrading nor substantial investment. It is in line with the general approach of reducing the levels of active species in High Temperature Corrosion Inhibitors (e.g. sulfur or phosphorus) that can have adverse side effects on industrial plants and also lead to HDT catalyst performance impairment.

For who ?

All petroleum refineries processing discounted crudes and the ones interested in processing these feeds for the economic benefit they represent in anticipation of the changes in the oil supply market (Ref. to “Western European refineries and acidity in crude oil”, R. Warner-Pricing Analyst, Oil Special Report, May 2017).

Which applications?

CRYSTAL-Guard® particularly applies to the hot zones of Distillation units (CDU & VDU).

How ?

CRYSTAL-Guard® relies on the regulated injection of high-temperature steam into specific locations of the Distillation Unit (CDU/VDU). When specifically injected, the steam forms a tenacious oxide-based protective layer which provides highly efficient protection against corrosion thus ensuring the integrity of the equipment.


CRYSTAL-Guard®, ecological solution, is adjustable to all crude oil distillation units and can be implemented during the design phase (new units) or added to any operating unit.

Founding value:

A solution based on steam as a protection against the adverse effects of corrosive petroleum.