Practical vision and innovative consulting to handle technical and economic stakes

Why choose WINTECH Global?

 To benefit from expert advice in reliability and corrosion in the aim at:

  • –  Ensuring suitable asset specification
  • –  Enhancing reliability of the industrial asset
  • –  Aligning high-yield production and safe operation


To take advantage of a precise, complete and immediately useable information:

At a glance...

Our mission

Support continuous improvement efforts with regards to reliability and safety management of industrial sites.

Our vision

Uphold quality and reliability throughout our entire mission dedicated to the bright future of Assets Technology.

Our strength


Technical Expertise

 Innovative way of reporting

Our values

Transparency & traceability

Commitment & communication

High quality services & true spirit of partnership


Among our achievements

Assessment of asset actual condition and remaining life

Development of Assets Advanced Management plan for safe and steady production

Support to time extension between turnarounds

Anticipation of variations with respect to tougher operating conditions (prospective action plan definition and monitoring alignment)

Mapping of the plant with respect to critical zones and prioritized action plan

Reduction of downtime by optimized control and monitoring

Investigation of failures and corrosion damages

Optimization and review of Inspection plan (accuracy / traceability / cost)


By your side to assure the reliable and steady future of your plant.