Posté le 01 Octobre 2020


Context & Stakes
In the global context of energy transition, the industrial landscape is changing with the development of numerous technologies, particularly in the field of Renewable and Recovery Energy. The multiplication of installations is accompanied by a diversification of the associated technological risks. Regardless of the type and size of the facility concerned, appropriate monitoring and controls are necessary to properly manage situations and thus avoid incidents that may have consequences for the reputation of an entire sector.

Traceability & Sustainable performance 
Production streams, treatments and analyses are compiled in a central document in accordance with the technical regulations; this information is essential to guarantee the traceability and control of facilities over time. The Annual Operating Report brings together all this information and all significant events relating to the operation. It is one of the essential bases for building the relationship of trust required in the context of the operation of an industrial facility.  In addition, the Integrity Assurance Plan describes the procedures and monitoring implemented to guarantee both the safety and long-term operation of the site in the common interest of operators, neighbors, financiers and insurers.


Keep records of
flows, treatments & analyses

monitoring & surveillance

condition of the facilities

changes in operating conditions

maintenance & replacements

against asset failures

following an incident and/or accident


The Integrity Assurance Plan is updated with the evolution of the plant and the statutory rules. It brings together all the information essential to ensure the reliability of installations. It defines the rules applicable to qualify the situation, detect weaknesses, manage incidents, anticipate interventions, prioritize action plans and optimize monitoring for safe and sustainable production. Reliability is managed on a daily basis and the corresponding information is consolidated in the site’s Annual Operating Report.