Posted on 13 May 2019

Quality & Integrity Assurance Plan to… PROTECT
The right information at the right time for the right decision 

In today’s highly competitive industrial markets such as Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, it is a universal strategic goal to avoid failures of all kinds whether they are more or less serious. The most severe cases can cause harmful consequences on people and environment when the ones of lower severity can cause downtimes and operating losses.

Quality and Integrity Assurance Plan is part of innovative working methods which provide solutions to keep the situation under constant review thus ensuring a secure framework for people, environment and industrial assets.

This document makes it possible to centralize transversal information related to equipment integrity such as:

  • – Equipment actual condition & remaining life
  • – Corrosion and degradation mechanisms definition
  • – Monitoring methods optimization
  • – Inspection results interpretation
  • – Prioritized action plan definition